Thursday, March 12, 2015


Check out this great work of art by Omar Sangiovanni at Saatchi Art

I think this is when I figured out that my work was more graffiti than anything else. Although I am not painting on walls I think that I have been greatly influenced by the movement. 
I know very little of it. I might start to look into it. I still am convinced that i just need to follow the work. Keep sharing it. Hope for the best. 
I have been listening to audio books. I  mention this because I think that this will influence my work somehow. I just finished inferno by Dan Brown. And now I have been listening to Bully Pulpit ( a biography on Theodore Roosevelt and Taft). The book also deals with the influence of the press and how the president used it to push his reforms. I am able to do this by using an app that my library uses. It is called overdrive. You should check it out if you are in the U.S. I think you can access many different libraries. It is worth a shot. 

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