Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Abstract jan 23

This is by far probably one of the largest digital prints I have posted. It is available at up to 30 by 45 in. 
My approach for this imAge was similar to the ones before. I have been drawn by the ability to make art on my promethean board before school begins. Before my little ones arrive to receive their art instruction. I have been using it not only because I wanted to become better acquainted with the board but also because I think that it's more sustainable for my way to make art. Some artist work very slow and perfect their Technique. I work very fast and produce lots of work. Some artist prefer not to show their process. I have become accustomed to sharing most of my stuff here on my blog. Well not most of it but a great deal of it. I stopped using it because our technology is quite outdated in our school. So I am using my iPad to make my works.  I think that going forward artist may need to look into these technologies more even if they may not agree with the fact that there is no physical object at the end of their art making sessions. This may bring up the question whether it is the object which is important or the art made?

Check out this great work of art by Omar Sangiovanni at Saatchi Art

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