Thursday, May 29, 2014

Speaking to my white board.

Yesterday. I discovered something which I thought was pretty amazing. 
They have installed promethean boards in our classrooms. 
These are a type of smart boards. They work with the computer. I use a IMAC. I was using leopard for a while since there is no will or money to upgrade operating systems. ( leopard is the operating system which the iMac runs on)
Once they where installing the promethean boards I obviously researched the hell out of them. Turned out I needed I better operating system. Or a more recent one since better is a vauge term.
I had to search like a mad man for an upgrade. Being a teacher does not afford you extras cash to purchase new operating systems. I was lucky enough to find a colleague who owned a copy of snow leopard which is exactly what I needed. 
I had to run hours of upgrades. 
My system was ready. 
I had been trouble shooting it for an assistant principal. We were mostly using it in my class for drawing tutorials. 
Yesterday. I used google chrome and noticed that I the search bar it said. Say "ok google." So I said 'ok google' because that is the only logical thing to do in this situation. 
But I did say it. The browser started listening to me. So I asked it to look up Jean Michel Basquiat. 
And it did. 
The cool this is that this all shows up on my promethean board. So in essence. I spent some time speaking with the white board.  
Yeah. I said that. I was speaking with the white board. 
It did not speak back. But just wait. That just might be around the corner. 

I was amazingly surprissed.