Thursday, April 24, 2014

TateShots: Carl Andre by Tate

TateShots: Carl Andre

Carl Andre: 'I'm not a studio artist, I'm a location artist'. In this TateShots interview filmed at the artist's New York apartment, Andre discusses how materials are a natural part of his life, and looks back at when his work hit the headlines, recalling criticism such as 'you can't make art out of bricks'. The American Minimal sculptor is famed for such works; installations that are placed directly on the floor and made out of unfixed industrial materials such as bricks or metal plates. Some floor pieces were made with the intention for them to be walked on, so that the material difference between the floor and the sculpture could be experienced physically. By creating sculptural works that are based on the ground, he suggests that he has simply ended up where he started; 'When you think about it, we start on the floor as children.'