Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Is Elsa from frozen a metaphor for the 1%

Don't laugh yet. I know it sounds a bit crazy. But think about it.
She is a queen. Definitely part of an elite club. She has power no others have. Her whims can leave a whole economy frozen (kind of like her kingdom). A little love and empathy could unfreeze the kingdom.
There is also the matter of "the cold never bothered me anyway". The economy being the way it is, does not affect the 1%, so it does not bother them anyway.
There are definite parallels....

Yeah. I know. Crazy. Right?

I thought at first that she was a metaphor for the artist struggle. She has power in her hands. She can create with this power (but that just reinforces the 1% theory). She also has to go on her own in order to find herself (but this again reinforces the 1% theory because the ultra rich have abandoned the rest of us, hoarding their cash in far off lands).

Truth is that I am probably wrong. She is probably another Disney creation designed for little boys and girls to want to buy more merchandise and take more trips to the magic kingdom.