Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thoughts on abstraction

I work mostly with high abstraction. The type where you can't really tell what in the world the artist has just made. The type of work that most people claim their five year old can do. This is not to say that I do not like to make figurative works (Works that look like some thing). I enjoy the freedom of high abstraction. To me sometimes it feels like an escape. Withdrawing myself into my own mind. While working this way I feel at peace. 

There are other reasons why I like to work on this way. When I do infront of students they seem to go along on the journey. Something which does not translate well in video. I've tried. The student seems to become hypnotized.  Where sometimes I have to get them to snap out it. I love giving them that. An escape into their own mind. Something that most try to avoid (that's an assumption).  

I like the idea of possibility. We live in a world which is full of potential. Each of my works has the potential to be many things. I enjoy watching my kids guess what it is. Or what it looks like. When they do they end up exercising their imagination. Something adults can greatly benefit from. 

Potential is the powerful word. Each line is a choice. Each color is a choice. Each shape is.., you guessed it. A choice. Their combinations are choices. Even if chosen at random they can make a cohesive statement. Or question. 

I like my highly abstract images because to me they mimic life. Each turn is a choise. Each decision a color. A picture which we won't have until our demise. Each image to me is a life experience. Like our lives we decide what the image will look like. Even if we are handed crappy colors. We must work at it. 

The ones that I worry about are the ones that don't know or are not given any colors to paint with. Because we must learn to make choices.