Friday, March 21, 2014

I have been drawing in

I have been drawin in this one book for a couple of years now. I have just finished it. It was a history book. If I remember correctly a philosophy book. I rescued it from the trash. I think it had been replaced with a new one at the Library. 

I will use the images of this book as the third installment of te Sangi sketchbooks. 

I know people will probably be offended about me drawing on old books. And some would be offended because it shows a certain amount of disrespect toward another persons work. But let's be real. There are thousands of copies of this book in circulation. And it was in the trash. That said there is an implication into the meaning of the work. 

I am now using old enciclopedias. A coworker was going to chuck a whole bunch of them so now I think will start a series. I kind of like the idea of recycling these to make works of art. 

I think it fits me well. Unusually works in large series those will be a perfect way to get a lot of work on paper and have it under some control. 

Most if the stuff will be abstract. Action paintings/drawings. Some drawings will be figurative. They will all be sketches. 
I will try to document the process which is what interest me the most. 

But also the idea of making these and then publishing them digitally.