Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival

Today my wife and I decided that even though Bubba was acting a little crazy, we would venture out to the famous art festival. It has been years since I have gone to this particular festival and the last time I went to one, I was showing my work.
I can tell you how miserable the experience was. If you can avoid it. You have a better chance to look up the artist presenting online or on Facebook. The crowds are to big. Which I would think is good for the vendors and for the artist. But I saw a lot of people leaving with prints, which are not sold by the artist.
Maybe it was the time of day we decided to go. Maybe next year we'll try going during the early morning.
Oh yeah and you have to pay to get in. But that's maybe to try to control the crowds but that has not worked. I do hope the artist did well. But it seemed like a big social gathering. Which is cool too. Gallery openings are like that also.

Maybe I am just being an old grouch.