Monday, November 19, 2012


This morning as I walked in to school today I was having problems putting on my cardigan. I was trying to do it while wearing my back pack on one arm. As I was doing this one of the assistant principals was walking in. I said "good morning" but this was met with no reply. I laughed it off as I usually do.

I finished getting my sweater on and walked behind this man a couple of steps behind him. He used to be a principal and for some odd reason he was placed in our school. A janitor rushed to him before we could reach the entrance of the school and showed him pictures of a little gift someone had led the school during the weekend.

I took some pictures of my own because I knew I wanted to write about it or I might want to talk to my art students to find out it they felt if this was a productive way to communicate. I kind of want to take them out to see It, but by the time we go out there it will probably be painted over. It takes some guts to do what that person did and for what. The energy and creative animosity could be channeled in a good way. But this person has been clearly neglected. Molested it might seem.

Most people will see it in my school and be offended that someone would do that. Hopefully they can see the cry for help in the message.