Wednesday, September 12, 2012

sketch books

Artist for a long time have kept a sketch book. Its somewhat of a glorified journal. In some cases it has turned into a mixture of sketches, pictures collage, paper collage, and writing. The artist does not always write in their sketchbook but i have noticed that there is a focus on it. The artist feels the need to study his thoughts. Even thought he might not ever read them again. The certain notebook helps to hold ideas and to vent about anything thats on the artist mind. I have gotten in to the habit of having more than one sketchbook going at once. And now this website acts as a major dumping ground for anything i draw, think, or read....
but this can never replace the actual sketchbook, although it does add a certain layer to it. video can not be added to a journal. but i can definitely add video here.
I have been thinking about sketch books lately because at my job they want me to present my students notebooks (as some kind of example). And although i am inclined to think that everyone should have a sketchbook or a journal, i don't think that students think it cool to write... about anything.
I don't know if my idea would work for every class. i have issues getting my students to even spend 15 minutes drawing every day. not drawing anything in particular (just doodling).

this is one of my students doodle.... they are really good when i instruct them.... the issue is to get them to do it at home...without judgement.