Friday, August 24, 2012

these are the days i am glad

Yesterday I wrote about a student who commented nasty things in my you tube account. Today I am writing about a student that after much hard work, received what she deserved. Her name is Aviselle Diaz. She was one of my IB students. She is an amazing person and an great student. She had this ambition to get into an academy in jordan. She sees the importance to paying attention to the region... and she apparently is interested in women's rights.
She asked for a recommendation letter her eight grade year in my school. I had my wife write it. She is a much better  at writing. My medium is color and lines not words. But she used my words to compose her letter. I don't know if Aviselle even used it but I am happy she thought of me.
She got accepted into the program... but as it turns out she could not afford the tuition.
She tried to get donations from businesses to no avail.
She turned to Art... and this is what makes me so proud to have been her teacher... she turned to decorating 100 bottles and releasing them into different water ways in florida.
Someone i guess found one and alerted the newspaper which then wrote a story about he girl behind the messages in a bottle....
Immediately the responses started to come in. And donation started to go to the school in her name. They are even thinking that enough money was raised to offer other students scholarships...
these are the moments that make you proud to be a teacher... to have influenced a life.
She starts September first... my prayers are with her.