Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Teacher's Journal

My first day at school was interesting.
I did everything i needed and anything I could do to get my classroom ready.
next couple of days will be filled with meetings.
there where a couple of changes to the staff this year at my school one of which i found odd.
we had a principal get demoted to like an office person... which makes me wonder. what happened?
The guy is a very hard working man. He is always on point.
He is very attentive to detail.
but thats besides the point. i showed up to work early and had to wait to sign in.
I made sure to transfer the wood that was in the car to my room... we are doing wood cuts this year.
only my advance class though. I cant afford to buy wood for all my students. I have to pay for this stuff out of my own pocket.
the only issue i had this year is one that has haunted me for the last couple of years. Its getting a projector in my class.
A couple of year back i had made it a point to get a projector for my class. I like to show my students images and videos about art. its a lot easier than transporting 200 plus kids to a museum.
but when push came to shove and i had the money from art fees i was informed that i could not use the money to buy those types of things for my class.
so then one of the teachers in my department had her husband who works for the tech industry donate a bunch of projectors... and she specified that one should be designated for my classroom since she knew how much i coveted one. I was denied once more.
After my moaning and disappointment my principal gave in and bought one for my class.
Every year since i have had to go through the same mission to get back from the library person.
every year.
which is a bit aggravating. because i feel like i am being treated as a child.
this is after i get fifty students in one period.
now you tell me how do you teach that size group without technology.
i know you can but these are twelve year old kids.
they need visuals.
so when i talk about vincent van gogh one poster is not going to do... plus you want them to see more.
these are petty things but seems like the schools system is fool of these issues.
in the end i will get the projector.