Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bubba is sick again

So I know that this is probably not anything anyone really cares to know but being that this is my sketchbook I feel I need to write about it so I don't forget.
So this one begins on Friday.
We took the baby to the doctor because he had a nasty cough.
My wife thought he was having difficulty breathing.
The doctor checked him out an found nothing. So we dropped Jim of at daycare.
When I picked him up the daycare teacher told me he had thrown up. But that she did not think anything of it.
So I did not worry.
When I got home bubba was so tired that he fell right asleep.
When he woke I gave him a bottle of water and left him be.
When I turned around he was throwing up all over.
So I picked him up an he continued to puke all over me.
I frantically called my wife. I was scared. I had never seen him puke so bad.
She called a nurse line that is available to us through our pediatrician.
And she told us to keep him hydrated.
Not to give him to much liquids at once.
So I was giving him a table spoon of water every ten minutes.
I used a syringe.
Momma arrived and he seemed to be doing better.
So she gave him diner.
After diner we waited a while and we went up for his bedtime routine.
Right before putting him to sleep we gave him a bottle of milk.
I was laying on the floor on a carpet on the floor of his room.
He likes to walk an lay on too of me when I do that.
This time it did not end to well.
He regurgitated his diner on top of me.
I decided to do what the nurse told us to do an give him pedis lite every ten minutes for as long as he was awake. This was hell. Cause he was hungry and he wanted more.
The next day went well.
We took him to the doctor and they said that he was ok.
That night was spent wight my wife throwing up half the night.
So I took care of the Bubs.
The next day it was just me and the Bubs and I will tell you that I feel for any single moms or dads.
I do t know how they do it. Babies are demanding.
And my poor wife spent it in bed.
She barely ate.
That night bubba started to breathe rapidly so we decided to take him to the ER.
This might be where we made a mistake.
I was tired already from taking care of the baby all day.
To go to an emergency room was probably not the best idea.
But we where in luck.
We got in real quick.
And they ended up getting my darling wife some treatment which again left me alone with Lucas.
So he got some X-rays and some test which all came back negative.
By eleven I was ready to pass out.
But Rachel was jut beginning to get checked up.
She called one of her friends and I left with bubba.
It was just too much for me. Thank god for Rachel's friend.
I passed out and Lucas luckily gave me no issues going to sleep.
Rachel came home and she felt much better.
So she helped out whenever he woke up.
The only thing I dreaded was that call over the monitor.
It comes whenever she can't get him to calm down.
The call came at six in the morning.
I was still really tired and i was not in any shape to put a baby to sleep.
So I freaked out a little.
Thankfully my wife was very understanding and I got some well deserved rest.
It goes to show how a situation can go from bad to worse in no time.
Bubba is still feeling crappy.
But the doctor just said it was a cold.
I am sure he will be back o his old self in no time.
Although for a sick kid he is still pretty destructive.