Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I am in summer vacation. Although you could barely call it vacation. There is so much stuff that need taking care off. The roof of our house needs to be repaired. Bathrooms need to be painted. Doors need to be painted. Base boards needs to be painted. I am also helping a friend with designs for shirts he wants to make. Which is a concern because how do you go about charing a friend for a design. He keeps telling me that we are together on this but once money comes in then we shall see how the man handles it. I thought that I would not be upset... Because I would be helping him out. Bit my wife was the one to our it into perspective. The man will be making money of my designs. My work. So I need to begin that conversation with him. I started two new series. One based on pictures I have been takin of water and the other deals with texture. I guess that both series are related.

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