Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Tonight I was watching auction hunters. It's a great show. This two guys travel around the country to storage auctions. My wife reminded me that I needed to take Molly, our yorkie, out for a walk. Molly needed to pee.

As I wait for Molly to do her business this lady walks towards me with a flashlight. I can not lie but I was a bit taken back by her appearance. She needed help with something. She point towards the front of our town house where there is a storm drain.

It's dark so I can't see anything. But I hear them. At first I just wanted to go back into my house and finish watching my show. But I hear the cry of a bunch of baby ducks. She turns on her flash light an I see about five of them. I grabbed the cover of the storm drain and pulled at it. I was holding Mollys leash with one hand and pulling with the other. It did not move. I thought it must be locked or something. So I try one more time and pull with as much as I can muster and it moves.

I was worried that we were not going to be able to open the drain. After I saw that the thing could be opened I rushed inside to drop of the dog and told my wife that I was going to try and save some duckies in the drain.

I grabbed the grill covering the drain and pulled with all my might. This thing must have weight eighty pounds. I opened it and slid the cover to the side. We can see about eight or nine ducks. They are not at arms reach. They are far from reach. The woman says that she has something to scoop them out with and that she will bring a box to place them in.
By this time my wife is already outside in her pajamas very worried about the ducks. She kept wondering how to get them out. My wife Loves animals.

Our neighbor brings out a long handled dust pan and a plastic bin with a cloth in it. We get to the business of scooping the ducks out. One by one we scoop them, sometimes two at a time. And sometimes one would jump back which would make my wife really nervous.
We ended up getting all the duckies out. And I placed the enclosure as carefully as I could. That thing was heavy.
My wife was very proud if me. I like that. We gave those duckies a second chance. We met our neighbor. Her name is Aida.
I got back inside and see my show has ended. But I don't care.