Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just had a thought

Yesterday I had a student use a rather interesting excuse. Thy had a video presentation to turn in. They had a very long time to make this video presentation. His/her excuse was that he/she sent to to my email and that I did not receive it.
I know hat the reader does not know my class policies but in my class it has never been ok to email a project. (unless is my most advance class. And the files can in no way be corrupt.)
Now this is not the point of my story. Today I read a tweet from the senator Marco Rubio. It says that Obamas policies are the reason for incomes not going up. I am not a writer and I rely don't support any politician. But this tweet reminded me of the student who did not do her work and refuses to take responsibility for their failure. The student thinks that the best position to take is that she did what she was supposed to it just got lost in the world wide web. Mr Rubios stance seems to me to be the same. It's not anybody else's fault but Obama. Maybe like the twelve year old he think that we are idiots. That we don't know how the system works.
Politicians are frustrating. They spend their time bickering while the rest of us suffer. The rich get richer. And the rest are left to sink.
I am not endorsing any political view. I feel the same about democrats. Mr Rubio just reminded me of a tween today. Sorry