Thursday, November 17, 2011

Patty Baker

Spring Valley  FREE SHIPPING

been drawing and painting since she could hold a crayon.
grew up on the north shore of Long Island and was involved in every art activity available.
traveled around the country in my late teens and ended up in Fort Collins, Colorado
studied under noted Professors Gary Kiemig in drawing and Dave Yust in painting
 took more credits in these areas than she needed for her degree, and both professors asked her to be a teaching assistant in their classes, which she did for five semesters
"Color is my joy! I love to play with color relationships and see how they change when they're next to different colors. I thoroughly enjoy exploring the phenomenon of color relationships through mostly landscapes and still lifes. I've been asked if I get bored painting every day, and I answer with a resounding, NO! I wake up every morning excited to learn new things through my artwork. And most importantly, as Matisse once said,'I like to spread happiness through my paintings.' "

24 x 30 Commissioned Painting

Tall Green Trees 24x36" Commissioned Painting

Autumn Sunrise XI    24"x54"   FREE SHIPPING

Still Life with Oranges, Lilacs and Mug  FREE SHIPPING

Floral Still Life with Striped Tablecloth FREE SHIPPING

Summer Aspens 24x30 Commissioned Painting

Riverbend at Sunset  FREE SHIPPING


Red Grass at Sunset 24x30 Commissioned Painting

Passing Storm Over the Front Range, Colorado

Cows and Autumn Fields  FREE SHIPPING