Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bill Oneil


"I suppose my artwork inspirations include a few odd conspirators like the chaotic influences of cryptography, prime numbers, and decay. I'm also influenced by Eames-era artifacts, retro-modern abstract art, architecture, and advertising. And all these inspirations manifest themselves in the different pieces I produce."

"I also like to infuse art and design into everyday objects like mousepads. I like transforming work or home environments into more creative and inspiring places to be."

"I really never approach my art very logically. It's all fairly impulsive and obsessive. I just try to understand what it means when it's complete. I like to think of my style as a super-nautural fusion of urban graffiti, mid-century modern abstracts, advertising design, and some kind of otherworldly information maps."

"I was born in Milwaukee, and grew up in the burbs. I had a boyhood dream of being a stuntman, which of course ended as you might expect with a severe head injury. When I recovered, I was wildly convinced that I had crash-landed on the planet, and for the next four years I attempted to move things with my mind, experimented with force-fields, and searched for my lost spaceship."

"Since then I've been a cryptographer, musician, designer, illustrator, and painter. And I don't look for my spaceship as nearly as much as I used to."
Atomica - retro mod abstract painting
Surface - abstract paintingSuzukigo 2 Abstract - Giclee Print - 16 x 20Frenzy - extra large movie poster - 44 x 55Cinema Fantastique - giclee print - 15 x 32

you can find bills work on his etsy shop or you can visit http://www.billoneil.com/prints-retro-modern.html