Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Viza Arlington

attended Pacific Northwest College of Art where she majored in printmaking...(HURRAY FOR PRINTMAKERS)
She worked as a professional screen printer for many years but gave that up to work on her own art
Viza now lives and has her studio at the family farm outside of Cheney WA
She is an active member of the BarenForum, Seattle Print Arts and the American Print Alliance

Artist Statement:

I like to get to the basics of an image and printmaking gets me there. I am an artist printmaker and my mediums are etchings, collagraphs, linocuts, monotypes, but my recent work has been woodblock prints including oil-based, moku hanga and white line prints. 
Each print starts with a sketch from life, sometimes an idea. Before carving and printing the woodblock, I refine the image with tracing paper getting rid of all the unnecessary lines...peeling off all of the layers until I get to the essence of the subject.

 Summer Time (original etching)

Hare and Moon (original relief print)

OX (Original Woodblock Print)

Cosmos (original woodblock print)
Nostalgia (original woodblock print)

Wolf woodblock print

Sugar Skull (hand-colored linocut)

Owl (original woodcut)

Blue Horse white line woodblock print

Moon and Sea III (18X30 Original Woodcut)

Bamboo Forest II (original white line woodcut)

Hydrangea II (original watercolor)

Dandelion (original intaglio print)

crystalline (original white line woodblock print)

Lake Coeur d Alene (original blockprint)

Three Nudes (original linoleum cut)

Pink Lady Apple

Yellow Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

Pied Piper (original woodcut)

Raven (Woodblock Print) wall art
ink bubble drawing Dappled Grey 18X24 original drawing

ponderosa pine  etching

Late Summer Night II (original pastel)

Moon and Sea II (original moku hanga woodcut)

Poppies Original 18X24 inch Monoprint


Poppy ( original collagraph print)

Islands (original etching)

Passing Storm (original woodblock print)

Ponderosa pine II (original woodcut)

Winter (Original Intaglio Print)

gifts (original woodblock)

Murphy the Cat 11X15 woodblock print

Gibby Napping (original etching) last one

Moon and Sea (original collograph) wall art