Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Barabara's Stained glass

she did not leave last name but this is what she has to say...

Stained Glass has been a passion of mine for many years. I studied along side a local artist as I perfected my skills. I've completed several large window projects and many custom orders along the way. My studio is in my home where I can work as well as care for my 4 young children.I live in a small rural area in Northern Michigan where I'm surrounded by woods, farm fields and ponds. 
I really enjoy creating different designs in glass. I enjoy working with something new or use different types of glass and color combinations. Some of my favorite designs incorporate vintage glassware within a stained glass panel. These panels are great to show off your collection of depression or vintage glass. Some of the patterns used back then are very unique and rare. They have so much character and add a dazzle to the design! My panels are a wonderful way to capture and preserve a piece of the past for future generations to enjoy.
I currently sell my items in several antique and specialty shops around the country.

Colonial Blue FAN panel

Olive Rust stained glass panel

Sunflower Transom

Crystal Cascade

Collage Stained Glass transom panel

Vintage Crystal Plate panel

Sunny Tiara Amber Olive

Sunflower Transom amber teal

Valentine Heart panel Love

Crystal Vintage Dish Transom