Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Missing the Big Picture

The New Atlantis � Missing the Big Picture: "The history of the technology of television has been a continuous evolution toward ever more intense stimulation. The amount of data coming into the eyes, ears, and brain while we watch TV has been constantly escalating. In the early years, viewers gathered in the living room to watch a tiny black-and-white screen, sometimes enlarged by a distorting magnifying glass. Small though it was, it was still a large increase over the information that had been coming into the ears alone by way of radio. Radio required its audience to imagine what the Lone Ranger might look like. Television eliminated that need. Viewers could now see what he “really” looked like. Or at least what he looked like in black and white; viewers still had to imagine what he and his sidekick Tonto, and the sunsets they rode into, would look like in color."