Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pilgrimage by Sangiovanni

this image represents where i began my journey as an Artist. I studied printmaking (etching, woodcarving, mono-printing etc)

you can see where as a student i am clinging to my artist heroes and villans. you can see where i am struggling to find my own voice.

you can see the influences of picasso, mondrian, pollock, klee, de kooning, warhol, etc. they are all mashed up in there. I was trying to make sense of them... not only as individual artist, but as they relate to me... as they relate to everything else.
nine print
nine by SangiDesign
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after these images i worked on a series where they did not involve any color. it only dealt with my story. my story, but by voices that surround me. i started collecting family and friends life stories, some gave me poems, some gave me quotes that they thought represented them. It revived in me the lost art of conversation. of listening. paying attention to what someone else has gone through and what they have learned from it.... i still love a good story and for some reason i have always liked stories (made up or true, i guess we all do).... i dont have images for this series. but it showed at the frost art museum at Florida International University.... after this thesis i received my B.F.A.
Path print
Path by SangiDesign
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After getting my degree i really was lost. for different reasons.... i started playing around with different drawing techniques. i also tried ceramics, oil painting, water color, ect. I like learning new ways of making things.
Sunrise Marco Island print
Sunrise Marco Island by SangiDesign
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i began to remember how much i was drawn to abstraction. i was painting what i thought people wanted painted... All painting is abstract. If you can understand that then you can understand why i start to move in a completely new direction.

Figurative abstraction and geometric abstraction... i thought blending the two would help people understand what images are (concepts, ideas, thought, feeling, like words images try to get at things that are hard for us to explain). I think i also realized that i like color... but need to learn to tone them down.

these led me to make images like this one... where its broken up into small shapes... and the color is more controlled. the images are closer to the painting of nature. I showed these to a gallery here in florida... the gallery owner called it cubism (after that i knew i did not want to show in her gallery anymore.)

all of these images have led me to the work i am working on today... i work in series because whenever i work a lot comes out at once... sometimes to much for any one piece of paper... i often have to go back fix the images (help them to make sense to the viewer).

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