Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Electronic Insights Into Matisse’s Technique - NYTimes.com

Photograph of Harlequin with Guitar, 1919, oil...Image via Wikipedia

Electronic Insights Into Matisse’s Technique - NYTimes.com: "AROUND 1913 Henri Matisse seemed to be at the top of his game. In his mid-40s he was, at last, an international star, despite American critics who pronounced his new brand of modernism coarse or vulgar because, they said, he made naked women seem beastly."
Having returned to Paris from Morocco in the spring of 1913, he began creating paintings that were simpler and more layered than the boldly colorful, sun-filled canvases that had been his signature. At the same time he started dipping his toe into Cubism, which was in full flower with younger artists like Juan Gris, Georges Braque and, of course, Pablo Picasso, whom Matisse began to see a lot during those years