Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Front Row - Canvas Footwear, in 2 Senses - NYTimes.com

Front Row - Canvas Footwear, in 2 Senses - NYTimes.com: "ON the very long list of nondesigners who have eagerly crashed the gates of fashion (think of the models, actors, athletes, rappers, pop stars and reality show castoffs who have their own clothing lines), perhaps the most strikingly underrepresented profession to date is that of the artist.

“The world is safe from that,” said Jenny Holzer, the artist known for her pointed use of text in projections and LED displays. Although Ms. Holzer has made art of hats and T-shirts throughout her career and, in 1993, pantyhose with tiny messages printed down the back seams, her friendship with the designer Helmut Lang opened her eyes to certain realities of the garment trade."